Mandatory safety training for the construction industry

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The social partners of the construction sector concluded a collective labor agreement on 12 May 2022 and concluded the following:

In the collective labor agreement of May 12, 2022, the social partners within the construction sector developed a regulation regarding mandatory safety training within the construction sector (PC 124). 

All construction workers within PC 124 had to follow a mandatory safety training of 8 hours, with a deadline of 1/10/2022.

However, since April 15, 2023, this obligation has been expanded.
Anyone who performs manual labor on a construction site must comply with the new obligation.
In other words, the following target groups now also fall under this new obligation: 

  • Workers working in the construction sector (was already mandatory under the 2022 collective labor agreement)
  • (foreign) self-employed persons
  • Employees from other sectors (e.g. wood/green/...) who work on a construction site

Definition: what is a basic safety training?

A training that is intended to make participants aware of the risks they may encounter on a construction site, regardless of whether these risk are from their own activity or from other construction activities carried out in their environment. 

Must also be part of a basic safety training:

  • Basic knowledge of the legal prevention principles
  • The application of appropriate preventive measures
  • Safe behavior on a construction site
  • The duration of this training is at least 8 hours. 


Who is covered by the exemption? 

  • Self-employed persons and employees who have at least 5 years of professional experience (in the past 10 years)
  • Persons who already have a valid certificate (e.g. VCA)
  • These persons do not have to follow the mandatory safety training. 


- The final date on which this training must be completed is April 15, 2024 

Follow our safety training now and make sure you are compliant with this obligation. This way you will not get into trouble in the event of an accident or inspection.

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Mandatory safety training for the construction industry

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